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Foreign Intelligence Directorate (DAMI-FI)

  • Responsible for estimative intelligence support to Army staff and Department of Defense (DoD) and national intelligence communities.
  • Current intelligence support to the Army Operations Center.
  • Functional production management.
  • Threat integration support to acquisition programs.
Analysis Division (DAMI-FIA)
  • Focal point for foreign intelligence support to Army staff.
  • Responsible for Army input into National Intelligence Estimates and various DoD intelligence assessments.
  • Provides functional production management through interface with national-level and DoD production management forums.
  • Provides regional analyst support to the DCS, G-2 Intelligence Watch and augmentation during Crisis Action Team activities.
Weapons Systems Support Division (DAMI-FIT)
  • Provides intelligence support to the Army Force Modernization community via Threat Integration Staff Officers and supporting analysts.
  • Provides DCS, G-2 representatives to Science and Technology (S&T) Intelligence committees.
  • HQDA focal point for Foreign Material Acquisition Program and Foreign Material Board.
  • Ensures accurate intelligence support to force modernization and acquisition programs.
  • Provides input to various S&T studies, plans, and analyses.
  • Coordinates Army Threat Intelligence Modeling and Simulations efforts to ensure valid representation of threat/OPFOR systems.
Intelligence Watch (DAMI-FIW)
  • Provides 24-hour representation in the National Military Joint Intelligence Center to apply global current intelligence, indications and warnings, and crisis management intelligence developed by the national intelligence agencies and other designated producers to support Army staff requirements, and particularly to the Army Operations Center.
  • Prepares and briefs the intelligence portion of the daily Operations and Intelligence briefing to senior Army leadership.
Army Threat Narrative
  • The Army Threat Narrative describes the future operational environment to ensure our Army is responsive to our combatant commanders' and nation's requirements and can accomplish the mission--prevent, shape, win--in any operational environment against a wide variety of enemies and adversaries.
  • Army Operational Environment to 2030

Organization Chart

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