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Army Foreign Liaison Directorate (DAMI-FL)
Gateway to the Army for the Washington Corps of Military Attachés and Distinguished Foreign Visitors

About the Foreign Liaison Directorate
The Army Foreign Liaison Directorate oversees and facilitates distinguished foreign visits to Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA); supports the corps of foreign military Attachés resident in Washington, DC in their interactions with the Department of the Army; and provides foreign protocol support to the Army leadership. Foreign Liaison is the primary point of contact between the U.S. Army and the Washington Corps of Military Attachés. Additionally, Foreign Liaison coordinates G-2 responsibilities in the selection and assignment of U.S. Army personnel to the Defense Attaché System.

Foreign Liaison programs afford the Army unique strategic communication opportunities that can reach a wide international audience in support of Defense, Theater, and Army Security Cooperation objectives. In close coordination with the regional and country specialists in the Regional Integration and Assessments Directorate of the G-3/5, Foreign Liaison plans, coordinates and 10:59 AM 12/10/201411:00 AM 12/10/2014 executes both the Distinguished Foreign Visitor Program and the annual HQDA Attaché Program.

The Director and Deputy Director are the first point of contact in Headquarters, Department of the Army. They establish policies; ensure that the office provides effective, responsive support to the senior Army leadership and the Washington Corps of Military Attachés; facilitate communications between the Army and the foreign military diplomatic community in Washington, DC; and represent the Army to the foreign military diplomatic community. To contact the Director 703-692-1467 or Deputy Director of the Foreign Liaison please call 703-692-1462.

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The Operations Division is responsible for the Distinguished Foreign Visitor Program. It plans and executes the Chief of Staff of the Army Counterpart Visit Programs as well as providing administrative, logistical, and protocol support for these visits. The division also facilitates all self-invited visits requested by foreign military and civilian officials with the U.S. Army's senior leadership. It is responsible for the planning and execution of the International Military Student Officer (IMSO) Educational Field Trips, to Washington, D.C. It is the executive agent for the Kermit Roosevelt and Mark Clark Lecture Exchange Series. To contact the Operations Division please call 703-692-1464/1458/1456.

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The Attaché Coordination Division is responsible for all military Attachés from accreditation through departure. It establishes, implements, and ensures compliance with Department of the Army policies, regulations, and procedures governing foreign military Attachés. It serves as the focal point for day-to-day assistance, support, and extension of privileges to military Attachés and their staffs. The division is responsible for the planning and execution the diplomatic accreditation and farewell of military Attachés and the U.S. Army Military Attaché Orientation Program, to include Orientation Trips, Information Briefings, and Battlefield Staff Rides. It implements the U.S. Army awards program for eligible foreign military Attachés. To contact the Attaché Coordination Division please call 703-692-7763/1469/1465.

The Protocol Section assures that the Army fulfills its social and protocol obligations to the foreign military and diplomatic community in Washington, DC and to foreign visitors to HQDA. The section coordinates official social functions hosted for the Washington Corps of Military Attachés; receives and processes all invitations and other correspondence received from foreign embassies for the U.S. Army Senior Leadership; and provides advice to the members of the Washington Corps of Military Attachés on U.S. military protocol, customs and courtesies. To contact the Protocol Section please call 703-692-1459/1457.

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The US Attaché Affairs Specialist assists the Director and Deputy Director to coordinate all actions related to the selection and assignment of U.S. Army personnel to the Defense Attaché System. The specialist staffs all Attaché nominations for HQDA concurrence, organizes Army information days for U.S. Army officers attending the Joint Military Attaché School, maintains an informational web site for U.S. Army Attachés, and sends out regular e-mails to U.S. Army Attachés with information on current Army topics. To contact the Attaché Outreach Support Specialist please call 703-692-1966.

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